The book "The Naked Project Manager"

A book based on real-life stories

Is it a novel? A comic? A text book? A how-to manual? "The Naked Project Manager" is all those things and much more. Step-by-step, it guides the reader through the complex maze of project management, from project check to project follow-up. Author, Roland Ottmann, explains project management interrelationships in an entertaining and informative style, points out the common hidden pitfalls and provides useful tips and advice that project managers will benefit from in their everyday work. Each of the chapters finishes up with an ironic and humorous summary. More importantly, the author never forgets the people factor in projects, including their fears, weaknesses and propensity to making mistakes. For example, he gives the reader detailed insights into his decades of project experience in the chapters on stress management, management skills and team work.

The book is suitable for project management novices and for readers with project management experience who want to extend their knowledge. It is also the perfect reference book for project managers preparing for certifications such as the CertPMr (IAPM) who want fast, effective and interesting learning material. This is one of the reasons why the IAPM International Association of Project Managers has named it "Book of the Year".

What do readers say?

Although the book reads just as fluidly as a novel, the story contains a great deal of important material that is conveyed in a practical and interesting way because Ottmann uses a wide range of didactic methods. There's no easier way to acquire project management knowledge. Hopefully, other project management authors will follow his lead.
Heinz Schelle, source: PMaktuell
Central topics such as communication, work breakdown structures and risk analyses are presented by the author in entertaining and informative comic strips.
This book's illustrative concept and practical relevance make it the ideal learning material. You can tell that the book is also used in workshops and courses that prepare participants for project management certification.

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Professor Falko E.P. Wilms, source: SEM|RADAR Zeitschrift für Systemdenken und Entscheidungsfindung im Management
Informative, interesting and entertaining

A colleague had given me the book some time before I actually read it. When I finally started reading I couldn't put it down. It was the most interesting project management book that I've ever read. I now regret that I didn't read The Naked Project Manager much sooner. I can certainly recommend it.
— 3 January 2012, BM, source: Amazon
Entertaining and enriching

The content of this book also enriches many aspects of the professional and personal lives of people outside the field of project management. The topics are communicated in such a vivid and entertaining way that it's easy to remember the project management tools. What's more, the book appeals to all students of project management, whatever method of learning they prefer. That's a big advantage, especially for GPM certification candidates.

Summary: It presents an excellent case for project management and every minute of reading it was worthwhile!
— 26 January 2011, tooltime, source: Amazon
For people who don't want to end up "naked" in a project

All endeavours will fail unless you are aware of the means to support you and guide you in achieving your goal. (Cicero)

Roland Ottmann describes all the phases that a project manager goes through during a project in his book entitled 'The Naked Project Manager'. Readers accompany young project manager John Sampey through the highs and lows of his career, learning the methods and tools of successful project management as they progress through the book.

Companies in many different sectors of industry regularly face new challenges as a result of progressive globalisation and internationalisation. In order to help them meet these challenges, the International Project Management Association (IPMA) offers a four-level certification programme for project managers. 'The Naked Project Manager' is very useful to project managers who are preparing for this certification. At the same time, the author's objective is to improve project management practices so that projects will be more successful and, as a result, certification for project managers will be less stressful.

One sequence in the book where Sandra, the working student, is learning for her certification examination says, 'A good story helps you to learn and remember even complex course content'. This useful method of learning is precisely the effect that 'The Naked Project Manager' has on readers. The textbook's very relaxed style of writing, coupled with the comic strips and ironic elements, ensure that readers look forward to turning the page and remember the project management tools.

'The Naked Project Manager' shows project managers how to close out projects successfully and ensure that they don't end up 'naked'. However, it isn't just a useful source of instructions and checklists for candidates, people embarking on a career in project management and experienced managers. It also provides the basic knowledge necessary to structure work processes, define career and personal objectives, resolve conflicts and communicate properly.

'The Naked Project Manager' is useful to everyone because, as Roland Ottmann himself said, 'Project management affects all aspects of our lives, every day. We just aren't always aware of it.'
— 14 February 2011, Ninja Priesterjahn & Ingmar Petermann, source: Amazon
The Naked Chef?

The title of the book reminded me straight away of Jamie Oliver's "The Naked Chef". Jamie is a creative young British chef who banished England's reputation for dull foods.
So is "The Naked Project Manager" the project management version of "The Naked Chef"?
I think it is!
It's definitely a book with heart and soul that never forgets how project management is, first and foremost, a people-oriented business.
No other book has made me so aware of how crucial teamwork is to project success. That's why the book isn't just for beginners. It's also very effective in bringing experienced project managers back down to earth.
It has a very relaxed approach to communicating knowledge that you won't find in any 1000-page textbook on project management. That's why I use it regularly.
— 3 November 2010, Harald Steinmüller, source: Amazon
Thank you very much for this book.

It got precisely the illustrative and transparent summaries of learning material that I needed (Absolutely brilliant =o)).
— 28 May 2010, Nikolaus Treibl, source: Amazon

What does the book look like inside?

Why IAPM "Book of the Year"?

The IAPM International Association of Project Managers is a renowned, international certification body for project managers and a supporter of research, development and applications in the field of project management. The IAPM named "The Naked Project Manager" "Book of the Year" because it covers all key project management topics as well as providing advice and useful tips that can be applied to real life project scenarios.

"Ottmann's book is a clever combination of text book, novel, comic and how-to manual and it is the ideal reference book for our certification candidates. It optimally equips readers to embark on a career in project management and provides them with a useful tool that will assist them in their everyday project management activities," said the IAPM chairman, explaining why the book was selected.

Here's Roland Ottmann's tip to readers: "Try to be better in your next project after reading the book because you'll know how to do it by then!"

How can you get your own Naked Project Manager?

Der nackte ProjektManager Der nackte ProjektManager
German language
3rd edition, July 2012
352 pages
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The Naked Project Manager
English language
3rd edition, July 2012
344 pages
Price: € 24.95
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